Hi friend and welcome! I’m Karyn

One of my favorite things to do is to get practical! I love to figure out ways to enrich everything we do in our homeschool and family life.

I love to inspire people- probably because I am so inspired by others! Anytime I watch a video, read a blog post or listen to a good podcast, I am excited to go out and practice what I have learnt. It inspires me so much that I can’t wait to go and do it – in fact, it can be dangerous if there is something else I am supposed to be doing! Hearing or seeing someone talk about organizing their home or planning their homeschool inspires me so much that I want to DO IT NOW!

We’re a Christ-following, homeschooling, crazy bunch of 7! My faith in Christ is woven through everything I write and speak about. I love making special memories from the everyday and finding creative ways to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!


Don’t you just love NEW BEGINNINGS? I do and I’m so excited about this one.

My old blog closed down in 2013. We have just moved house and in many ways it feels like a new season in our lives. Our youngest girl is three years old and growing up (too) fast and life is (a little) less hectic again. So, now it’s time for my new blog!

I love blogging and I love bloggers. I love interacting with fabulous people on the internet! It brings such life to my days, it’s where I’m accountable and often how I get inspired. Back when I blogged on Graceful Girls Brave Boys, we were a young family with four little ones and blogging was a wonderful community for this mom of a growing family. Now we are all a little older, there are seven of us and it’s time to begin again. Blogging has changed so much in the past few years. I am so excited about the multimedia side of it – and about podcasting – isn’t that just the grooviest thing!

Wife Mom Friend .com

My family

We spend our days exploring, learning, loving, serving, giggling and growing – at least there is some of that mixed in with lots of chaos, tears, frustration, struggles and GRACE! I am so thankful to my heavenly Father who gives that grace so freely.



A few facts about me:

– If there were a bunch of gals in a room all writing in their journals, I’d be the one erasing what I’d written or even tearing out the pages so I could start over. My handwriting is terrible and I struggle to organize my thoughts on paper. I organize them better in my head or by talking to my hubby! Its a bummer because I totally LOVE journals and planners! Maybe someday I’ll get good at using them 🙂 I love order but easily slip into chaos – but I am learning to push back the chaos and keep order – slowly but surely!!

– I LOVE artichokes. They are my absolute favorite food – stranded on a desert island with only artichokes type of thing! And then there’s chocolate…no words!!!

– My struggles are many – the selfish, the frivolous, time-wasting, rebellious, and don’t-care-about-anyone-except-myself moments are all there! I am grateful to the Lord for saving me and making me NEW, for flooding my life with His grace and mercy. I am grateful that the Lord brought my wonderful husband into my life and for my precious children and friends. I’m grateful for you! – you inspire and encourage me. Thank you!

Please go ahead and introduce yourself to me and to other readers by leaving a comment below. You are welcome to link back to your blog and tell me a little about it and I will pop over and get to know you a little.
 Wife Mom Friend .com


Oh – and an exciting news flash before I end off…  One of the things we love to do as a family is to TRAVEL, and as that is quite a challenge in this season of our lives, we do a lot of the pretend kind. Sooo… this year I launched my new business CASE OF ADVENTURE. It’s a wonderful way to travel the world from your home. The first country study is called Destination Switzerland.

This project has been huge and is already becoming an exciting way for our children to be involved in a family business. We have had such fun together writing the book and sharing the way that we love to ‘travel’.

Thanks for coming to hang out with me! Please do leave a comment to introduce yourself.